KMD and Goal Station – The ultimate app for football players

Tracking, data, technology, people, and sport… how can we improve the skills of football players through technology while simultaneously tracking their improvement in an easy, fun, and user-friendly way? This was the challenge KMD and Goal Station wanted us to take on. And so, we did!

A footballer’s new best friend

Goal Station consists of physical equipment that collects data on the players while they play. This data became the center of attention in a design process where designers from /et al. together with business- and app-developers from KMD, Goal Station, and Syndicate worked on design sprints, concept development, wireframes, tests, user surveys, UI, and UX for an app.

Motivation through user-friendly data

Goal Station’s app introduces players and coaches to statistics and results in a fun, engaging, and effective way that help them focus on tracking their progress and improving their skills. Large amounts of complex data are not for everyone. Our design presents the data in a simple and intuitive way to make the data easy to interpret and to ensure increased motivation. This way our design is guaranteed to give you the best experience possible.

Outstanding innovation…

In addition to effective data crunching and a superior user experience, /et al. is proud to have designed a completely new way to display the catalogue. This is an outstanding example on how /et al. creates exemplary UX. The new catalogue consists of the perfect blend between identification of needs, interaction, feelings and aesthetics.

From concept to app launch

In collaboration with KMC, Goal Station and Syndicate, Our designers have:

  • Turned a concept into a final, digital product
  • Created a new way for Goal Station to communicate and visualise data
  • Thoroughly tested the user experience in collaboration with the football players
  • Designed innovative features