Map of Denmark – Update and optimizing

What characterize our cooperation with /et al.? Creativity, thought-out concepts, different thinking – and they are both easy and pleasant to work with.

- Mette Frisk, Leader of had a pretty good basic product in their interactive map of Denmark. But the technology behind was outdated, and the usability had some challenges. We delivered a new and improved design working on every platform and closed the gaps in the usability.

A great starting point, but…

With research based knowledge about the history of Denmark from the antiquity and up until now, describes themselves as a freely available and online history lexicon and a digital history book. All this knowledge can easily get overwhelming if it isn’t communicated in the right way. That’s exactly why they had developed an interactive map of Denmark showing the history of Denmark from year 1523 an up until today. A very nice concept, but it really needed to be updated.

What works and what doesn’t?

With a messy design and unnecessary obstacles in the usability, we found several things that could be updated in the presentation of the interactive map of Denmark. But there were, indeed, also things that worked very well and that we wanted to keep. Through different scenarios, we tested the opportunities and limitations of the map to get an overview of possible adjustments and then went on with the design. After crossing out all items on our list, we ended up with a pure and simple redesign with a better user experience.

Designing for mobile and desktop

The map of Denmark was programmed in Flash, which led to a large group of
smartphone users not being able to use the map. To avoid that, we joined some programmers who ensured that our wishes could be done both for computer and smartphone. And to ensure the best user experience, we made to types of the same design matching the different ways we use computer and smartphone.

Great functions in a new design

In cooperation with, our consultants have:

  • Tested the original design to analyse what needed to be optimised
  • Optimised the user experience by closing some gaps in the flow
  • Made a new and more modern design for both mobile and desktop
  • Made an interactive prototype ready for programming