Bet25 – The design consultants moved in

/et al. has been involved in the initial phase by helping Bet25 with wireframing, finding personas, brainstorming and joined the dialogue about how to rethink the typical old school casino experience. The usability is important, and this is proven in how the CasinoGo app is very popular, as seen in the trustpilot score and app store reviews.

- Bet25 A/S

On a market with great competition, Bet25 felt the need for having a fresh look at their business to be competitive. But what they needed wasn’t just a onetime thing, it was a whole new design-oriented culture in the company.

To start a new culture from the inside

We decided to let a design-force consisting of our best UX consultants to move in at Bet25’s office in Silkeborg. Armed with selected design methods, they changed the old habits and started a new culture where creativity became a part of the everyday life. In cooperation with Bet25, we optimised their products, developed new concepts and made a solid basis for Bet25’s newly established design department in just four months.

A mix of qualitative and quantitative data

To optimise their product range, we took a dive into their existing data. We complemented this with qualitative workshops with customers and field studies, which gave us some priceless insights. Possessing both qualitative and quantitative data, we created a picture of Bet25’s users to use as a guideline for optimising website and app.

Online betting goes offline

Our consultants also helped Bet25 develop new concepts, focusing on
making betting more social. Amongst other things, this resulted in Café 25. Café 25 had their grand opening at July 16, 2017. With former players from Silkeborg IF behind the bar, lots of sports to watch and the opportunity to bet on almost everything, Bet25 had become a physical place welcoming sports- and betting fans. Here, the customers get everything they know from the online platform, but they also get to experience the atmosphere of being together at a sports bar.

Optimised products, new concepts and a new, creative culture

In cooperation with Bet25, and over the course of four months, our design consultants have:

  • Redesigned and optimised Bet25’s website
  • Tested and optimised the current Bet25 app
  • Designed and wireframed the concept BetBuddy, which gives the Bet25 app an extra social layer
  • Developed, designed and wireframed the brand-new app Casino GO
  • Developed the concept for a physical Bet25 betting and sports bar in Silkeborg
  • Held workshops and thoroughly checked both existing and new concepts
  • Made a roadmap describing the development and timing of new features in the Bet25 app
  • Started an in-house design department with the aim of continuing the creative culture from /et al.’s visit