Our friends say…

/et al. contributed to the final MVP – they fully understood the concept, and they helped sharpen all the functions and the flow, which ended up in an updated and functional product.

- Jonas Vognsen, Co-founder

/et al. quickly understood our needs, and they suggested different kinds of innovative solutions. We had a great dialog throughout the cooperation, and the final solution were more than satisfying.

- Innovation Centre Denmark, Silicon Valley

We needed to have a fresh look on our onboarding and the user experience in general, and we were encouraged to get some help from /et al. – something we definitely haven’t regretted. The /et al. team have a good energy, and they are honest and skilled at what they do. We had a great dialogue, and they have been working efficiently and followed the timetable as agreed. We received a detailed report from /et al., which made it easy to withhold and implement the recommended amendments. There is no doubt that /et al. are fully updated on the trending UX tendencies, and Canvas Planner would like to give /et al. our best recommendations.

- Jane Houlind Ulsøe, Co-founder

We have worked with UI and UX experts from /et al., and we got a review of our Wedbox app with the purpose of optimizing the user experience and the functions of the app in general.

/et al. were valuable right away, and they suggested some improvements we haven’t noticed ourselves, which had a great value for the app and our bottom line.

We would like to continue being customers at /et al. and use their knowledge and competencies.

- Casper Grønbjerg, CEO

The Science Museums have had the pleasure of cooperating with /et al. in the development of a site for young people about body ideals. /et al. were project managers on the conceptuel development, and made sure the expression of the site would appeal to the target group. They were great at controlling and contributing to the creative process, and they were one of the reasons for the growing ambitions of the site. In cooperation with us, they made usertest, facilitated processes and delivered mock-ups, which have been the basis of further work. We will give them our best recommendations.

- Trine Bjerre Mikkelsen, communication consultant, design and marketing