Fab Denmark – From workshops to knowledge

How are the future production conditions, and how do you utilize that several interesting leaders are gathered on the same location to discuss this particular subject? Dansk Design Center and /et decided to put their design-heads together and took the initiative to organize a conference and a workshop, which later resulted in the national consortium Fab Danmark.

Making new opportunities

Scientists, researchers, makers and leaders were gathered in Copenhagen to attend a meeting in the initiative Fab City with Dansk Design Center as hosts. With all these interesting leaders together at the same spot, /et al. and Dansk Design Center saw the opportunity to take advantage of the situation and organize a conference the day after. The purpose of the conference was showing the possibilities of circular economy, digital production and local production, and that the industry should be aware of how new technologies  makes it possible to rethink production conditions.

It’s all about cocreation

Dansk Design Center were already in contact with /et al., and they wanted /et al. to contribute to the creation of knowledge within the field of future production. Based on that, they also asked /et al. to contribute to the concept of the conference, and to use our facilitating-skills to organize a workshop for the participants of the conference. /et al. did some brainstorming with different solutions and suggestions for the workshop, while DDC were in charge of coordination and involvement of relevant people for the conference. Besides that, /et al. was also going to organize and facilitate a workshop for the participants of the conference. In continuously cooperation DDC and /et al. created the settings for the conference and workshop through a lot of meetings, both physical and through conference call.

A lasting result

After being involved in the project for six months, our work resulted in a successful conference and a workshop in /et al.-style, consisting of exercises and discussion. Besides that, a cooperation consisting of /et al., Dansk Design Center, Center for Cirkulær Økonomi, Københavns Kommune,
Manufacture and Under Broen decided to establish Fab Danmark with the purpose of further work with the initiatives about the future production conditions in Denmark.

With the establishment of Fab Danmark, /et al. also got an extra assignment; to make a prototype for a website. At first /et al. made a low-fidelity prototype on paper and later in Sketch.

A new concept with new knowledge

After six months our design consultants have:

  • Developed a concept for the conference to gather interesting leaders
  • Held the conference to get some focus on the production conditions of the future
  • Made a concept for a workshop based on the subjects from the conference
  • Held and facilitated the workshop with participants from the conference
  • Been a part of the establishment of “Fab Danmark”
  • Developed a prototype for the website of “Fab Danmark”