BfR Professional – From idea to prototype in just 1,5 weeks

We had an urgent assignment, where we needed to develop a prototype of an app just three weeks before a great fair. We chose to work with /et al. who made a quick overview of the assignment and then worked professional and efficient, so that we could bring a very satisfying product to the fair.”

- Lars Thorn, Co-founder

With a deadline less than two weeks ahead, BfR Professional asked if we could make a digital, interactive prototype within the time frame? With the clock ticking we went to work immediately.

The challenge

BfR wanted a workout app with the ability to communicate with their physical training equipment. The prototype needed to illustrate all the functions of the app, but the deadline was tight – BfR had to present the concept to potential investors to Web Summit in Portugal in less than two weeks later.

The first sketches

With BfR’s loose ideas, function requirements and four personas as a starting point, we sketched the first layout for the app and mapped out the customer journey on paper. These simple drawings showed that BfR had forgotten important functions in the flow, which we added right away. The sketches on paper also worked as a simple but efficient tool when we needed to match BfR’s vision with ours before we started building the prototype.

From paper to prototype

Based on the sketches, we made wireframes to be able to work with the final, visual expression in the prototype. Despite the deadline getting closer, we brought the wireframes to another short meeting with BfR just to make sure that we still agreed on the design and to make the last improvements.

The final round kicked in, and we needed to build the interaction into the prototype – or actually three prototypes, because we had to show it on three different devices.

Despite the tight deadline and a couple of unforeseen challenges on the way, we delivered three finished prototypes to three different platforms just 1,5 weeks after the presentation of the idea.

From idea to prototype in no time

In cooperation with BfR Professional, our design consultants:

  • Generated new ideas for possible solutions based on BfR’s demands
  • Mapped out the costumer journey in the app and closed the gap
  • Designed the visual expression
  • Produced wireframes with graphical layers
  • Developed an interactive prototype for three different platforms