AU – A new design helps the students to reach the finish line

How do we get more students to complete their studies during the estimated time? Aarhus University constantly work on this complex challenge. They also worked on it when the intranet for the students was designed. /et al. was part of the process and designed a digital tool that uses existing data to guide the students to finish their studies during the estimated time.

Finding the key to the problem

At first, we needed to collect the insights and learn more about the underlying causes to crack the code. In order to do that, we arranged two workshops: One with the employees and one with the students at Aarhus University.

One of the biggest issues was the amount of information the students were exposed to. Not all of the information was relevant, and mostly it was very confusing. Aarhus university requested some kind of filter with the purpose of sorting out the most irrelevant information and only present the information relevant to the student.

Using the users

We developed several ideas and sketches for possible solutions by using the insights from the two workshops. We brought the ideas and sketches to Aarhus University to continue working on it. We discussed the pros and cons and continuously sorted out the ideas, and the best ideas were extended with more detailed concepts. In the end the remaining concept was the idea of a personalised timeline.

Be bright – build a prototype

With a clear idea, we started sketching different mock-ups to work with
interaction, flow and usability. With the right framework for the interaction, we started making wireframes, that were later used for an interactive prototype – ready for testing.

With a functional prototype, we went to the university to test it on the students. As always our tests made us wiser and aware of the final improvements before sending the concept to development and integration in “Studieportalen”.

From complex challenge to concrete solution

Cooperating with Aarhus University, our design consultants have:

  • Held workshops to reframe the challenge and develop ideas for possible solutions
  • Chosen and qualified the best ideas for possible solutions
  • Produced wireframes
  • Developed an interactive prototype
  • Tested the prototype on the target group