Full package

We will guide and help you all the way from an abstract idea to the finished prototype. We’ll go through all the steps in the design process in an ongoing with you to ensure, that you end up completely satisfied and with the best possible solution.


Maybe you have already gone from abstract idea to the first sketches. Or you might already have a team of designers that just need the eyes of others to kick ass. Whatever the need you can pick and choose just the service you want from us.

Have our services in 3 ways


All you need is knowledge, so let’s help you generate it.

Every successful firm know that knowledge about your customers and business is the most important first step to make new business opportunities, innovative products and great changes. Therefore we say, knowledge is the key to your success.

Some of our awesome ways to get you smarter:

  • Customer Journeys
  • Workshops
  • Personas
  • Field studies
  • Testing


When you have great data, you still need to transform it into new and genius business concepts. We turn concrete information about your company and customers into innovative digital concepts that will blow your mind away. These concepts will be illustrated in high fidelity mock-ups, so it’s easy for you to see and decide what the future brings.

Have it your way:


Based on your customers insights our UX experts will generate fantastic ideas and present them to you.


Based on customers insights we will work closely together with you and/or your customers, side-by-side, in generating ideas.


You want it all and you want it now. We take you on a unforgettable journey. Starting with collecting knowledge about your customers and company that will be transformed to brilliant concepts. When the right concept has been developed, all the specific details will be shown off in a prototype, that will be tested again and again till there’s no doubt in your mind – this new digital
product will be your greatest hit.

What digital product can be yours?

Digital platforms

We make great digital platforms. When we say platforms it’s all you can imagine and more on a phone-, tablet, or computer screen.

Digital installations

We love digital installations. And when we say installations we mean all from interactive tables, till the digital check in counter at the doctors off ice.

So… Mi casa or tu casa?

In house

The good old classic way where we’ll keep an ongoing dialogue, through a series of meetings, emails, phone calls and maybe a workshop or two we’ll accommodate your needs and drink a lot of coffee.

Out of house

For a period of time we dedicate a number of consultants just to you. They’ll move into your office, participate in your everyday and start a design process from within your organization.