Julie Ravn


Agnete Horup

Design Thinking consultant

Henrikke Kylén

UI Designer

She’s in control… of us

As co-founder and CEO in /et al. her main responsible is strategic decisions and project management. As a CEO with a design mindset she believes that the most important part of any project is the end-users. Thus it is essential to be aware of any little emotions, interactions, needs and then translate this combined knowledge into a great product and a great business opportunity.

If you have a puzzle to solve, Julie is the one and only. She thrives in complicated concept development, and together with her team she’ll create a unique symbiose between ideas and concrete knowledge about the target group – and make sure this results in new and innovative products.

Speaking of Julie…

In a very strong dialect that indicates that her hood definitely is Aarhus, Julie has a high use of sayings. But as the creative kind of girl she is, she prefers inventing her own sayings – who cares if it’s an apple or a banana a day that keeps the doctor away. Julie doesn’t, nor does she care about orthography in mails. Mostly because Julie spells exactly like she speaks.

Are you using users? Agnete uses users!

When I design I tend to get very involved in the user, and wanting to create the best possible design within the given frames. She is very passionate about user understanding and user involvement, and anything else that has to do with “user”. She wants to understand the needs of fields and people different from myself. She believe there is nothing better than designing something that hits the sweet spot. Designing with the user needs in mind makes the overall experience better and creates the biggest difference in the end. Agnete constantly iterates and doesn’t go for the quick fix but for whatever matches the user needs in the long run.

Agnete is fond of doing interactive prototypes and see a huge value in spending a good amount of time understand the context and testing solutions throughout the process.

She’s not out of the woods

Agnete can’t just sit down and relax. When she isn’t designing great user experiences at /et al.’s office she’s probably in the woods looking for control points at orienteering with dirt on her knees, or inventing different kinds of leather stuff to all different kinds of use in her apartment.

Visual and a lot of wow!

Henrikke is a modern graphic designer with a nordic minimalist style combined with a use of bold colours – so bold even Andy Warhol would get jealous. On that account her work is characterized by being both simple and innovative. The link between graphic design and UX means that Henrikke design layouts with the context and the customer needs and wishes as a starting point. Also Henrikke uses this context based approach as a creative possibility where the diversity of her work is rooted in the curiosity and joy she gets from designing something unique for a unique context.

Say “Cheese”!

Henrikke has an extremely close relationship with cheese, and you will never hear her say “there is too much cheese on my food”. We have actually seen her eat old cheese leftovers from a toaster. That is why an ideal sunday would be a table with lots of cheese and “Say Yes to the Dress” on the tv.

Mia Ipsen

Design Thinking consultant

Sebastian Højholm

Design Thinking consultant

Sune Gaardlykke


It’s not that she spies on users, but…

As a designer Mia always focuses on the wholeness of the project, while at the same time being a little geeky about the details. This means that one of her core skills is to navigate complicated processes and make the best choice for both users and customers. Another aspect of design which Mia as a Design Thinking Consultant believes to be vital, is empathy. To be able to emphasize with the users’ lives and mindset is extremely important for her, because this is how Mia can identify key insights and relate them to a greater context. So if nobody understands you, go talk to Mia!

They call her the cakemonster.

She has an extraordinary sweet tooth and has, to this day, never said no to a slice of cake. Actually, she’s so fond of cakes that according to Mia it should be part of the food pyramid. Mia gets depressive tendencies if she finds cake in a trash can.

The master of mock-ups

Sebastian is a thoughtful designer who loves to spend time on the details and watch the design developing from idea to product. His unique attention to details is expressed by his reflecting approach to the design where nothing is a coincidence. But if you think Sebastian isn’t creative, then think again. It is often Sebastian who gets the good idea and play with the product until it is just perfect. Actually he is a kind of a mock-up master. As a Design Thinking Consultant Sebastian has a big interest in helping companies moving forward from the idea to the final product.

Big boys DO cry

Sebastian has a habit of falling for cheap cinematographic tricks, and even the worst b-movie can make him shed tears. Fearing what the experience will do to his manhood, this is also the exact reason Sebastian hasn’t watched Titanic.

You can count on Sune!

As co-partner and Chief Financial Officer in /et al. Sunes main focus is the financials and sales. He have a broad understanding of Design Thinking and how it creates value for your business. Sune believes the highest value is created when we in the design process centralize the business of each client, focus on the end-users and use the most relevant technology. Doing so, both minimizes the development costs and increases the probability of success. Though He isn’t directly engaged in the projects, he helps to ensure that we always focus on your business maximizing the Return of Investment – just because he is a economic genius.

He’s all about the money

Sune is a talker, and he prefers to talk about money. Actually his passion for money is almost too much, and he is so fond of Børsen that they should consider giving him a sponsorship. And if they do, Sune can easily make something cool in Excel explaining why it would be profitable.

Joel Mester

Design Thinking consultant

Sali Hayek

Design Thinking consultant

Stine Dorner

Design Thinking consultant

Make thoughts come true

Joel is particularly interested in externalization. In other words, expressing thoughts on paper. Externalization is both creating sketches, plans and mock-ups, and how these are used to manifest the ideas and thoughts that arises during a design process. This is used as a tool for user involvement and to communicate the ideas that might arise. Do you have a good idea? Then come by the office, and he will start sketching right away.

Lord of the geeks

Joel is a fantasy and comic book geek. You cannot find anything he has not read, played or seen. If you want to discuss the difference between a dragon and a Wyvern, or just battle in Lord of the Rings history, then Joel is the go-to guy. You can also come by the office and see who can name the most superheroes. Just a heads up: You are going to lose.

An eye for aesthetic

Sali’s attention is often focused on creating concepts that appeal to the aesthetic satisfaction. This does not mean that she does not consider the interaction but that she looks at it from a different perspective. She is detail oriented in the whole process especially when it comes to the users, who she believes always should be in the center. In the design process she selects and explores the minor user insights which actually have significant importance. Her starting point is how the experience is made aesthetic appealing and how the users are left with an interaction they will remember.

Arigathanks gozaimuch

Sali is a child of the internet. Thus, her humor is practically based on the latest viral memes. Therefore, you will often see her laugh at something on her smartphone or refer to something no one else understands. She is also trying to learn Japanese. So, if you hear her say “seeyanara” it is only partially a meme-reference.

Fascinated by people

Stine is fascinated by people and the way they think and see the world. She loves learning about and from people and sees in-depth understanding of the user as essential for a good design. Stine is particularly interested in the users understanding of technology and she is focused on the aesthetic interaction and how this interaction is perceived and influences the users as well as the culture it describes.

Ouch, that’s hot!

Stine is one of the few who do not understand the intensive fight for coffee in the afternoon. Despite her love for the taste of coffee she does not drink hot beverages… At all.  Talking about coffee on the other hand, that she does not turn down and together with her wide interests in everything from music, dinosaurs, plants, RuPauls Drag Race to WOW, she can easily find something to talk about.

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