– The good interview

Mia and Helena from /et al. gave us a crash course in making customer interviews and did a fabulous job of it. Not only did they manage to cram a lot of material into just a few hours, they also made it fun and engaging with exercises and role-play to test out our first prototype interview-guides. After the workshop we were happy, confident, ready to jump into it and equipped to continue on our own. And we really did have some very good interviews following this 🙂 So warm recommendations all over!

- Morten Elk, CEO at Simplesite

How do you make a great interview and ask the right questions? We shared our best tricks and gave SimpleSite the answer in a workshop. Just four hours later they were able to make their own user research and ask the right questions.

Researching the customers

SimpleSite had a lot of ideas of how to develop their existing product. But they were not sure about the demands from their costumers and wanted to try out some hypotheses through interviews on the phone. But how do you make a great interview? Which questions do you need to ask to get an answer? How
do you avoid guiding the customer in the search of a specific answer? Within four hours of workshops two consultants from /et al. gave the answers to the questions and a much more.

But first – the theory

Interviews and user research are a natural part of the daily work at /et al.’s office, but to SimpleSite it was unknown area. Based on that fact, we started the workshops with a fast crash-course in different interview theories and methods, all with different advantages and disadvantages, so they were all up to date. After outlining the most important principles, it was time for the questions.

Prioritize the questions

There was a lot of questions that SimpleSite wanted to be answered. But the deal with a telephone interview is that the person being interviewed rarely has a lot of time nor patience. That’s why we focused a lot on prioritizing and ranking the questions in the best way.

The great interview, step by step

Within four hours of workshops our consultants gave SimpleSite:

  • Theoretical and practical learning and exercises in interviewing methods and theory
  • The advantages and disadvantages in different types of interviews and questions
  • Help in how to design an interview guide fitting their needs and wishes
  • A handout with a step by step guide to make “the great interview”